When Home Gardeners and Master Food Preservers Mix It Up–There is Kimchi for All!

On Tuesday July 11, 2023, the Sebastopol Grange Produce Exchange will launch the first in a series of Food Preservation Demos with the Sonoma County Master Food Preservers.  All interested folks will learn to extend garden abundance by fermenting and canning in fun-filled evenings at the Grange.  In the first class, participants will observe the steps involved in making kimchi as well as come away with a supply list, the recipe Time for Q&A will be included.

The free series will occur the second Tuesdays of July, August, September and October.  Each event will follow the 5pm Produce Exchange, where home gardeners can trade or donate surplus produce and starts.  The Food Preservation demos will be held in the Grange kitchen at 6pm and run for approximately 1 hour.  Attendees are invited to bring their picnic dinner for community-building meal time after the demo.


  • July 11 How to make Kimchi
  • August 8 How to make canned Dilly Green Beans
  • September 12 How to make canned Tomato Salsa
  • October 10 How to make and flavor Kombucha with Fruit

“During this fifth year of the Home Gardener Produce Exchange and Donation we are excited to add to our repertoire by learning new food preservation skills,” say Carol and Dena, Produce Exchange hosts. “Produce swapping, donations to the food pantry, and preserving food all cut down on food waste and enhance the economy of abundance.”

For more information, visit https://sebastopolgrange.org/ or email produce@rahus.org To Sign up to attend any or all of the demos go to https://forms.gle/GQTSxnwTTrJZxCTC8