We Gotta Vote, Every Day by Jerry Allen

Musician and Past President of the Sebastopol Grange Jerry Allen encourages us to invest in our local community. “Sonoma County citizens send $22 billion every year to Wall Street banks and only 1% ever comes back. We can change that and rebuild our local economy by buying and investing with people we know!”

He shares this song he wrote to remind us that we can make a difference:

“We Gotta Vote, Every Day”

We got vote, (VOTE), every day,

Where we shop, and where we save,

For you and me every day is Election Day.

Now we make a $100 put it in the big bank

They send it to Wall Street, ain’t never comin’ back,

But invest that money here at home,

Makes the jobs and businesses grow.


Went downtown, to the big mall,

They wanted my money, wanted it all,

To buy a bunch of plastic, made outta oil,

Pollutes the air and poisons the soil.

But then I came back to the local store,

Bought some food, locally grown,

And I feel good buyin’ from people I know,

It makes the jobs and businesses grow.

Jerry Allen.
Outgoing president Jerry Allen was awarded a vintage Granger pin in honor of his service.


Now the politicians get voted in every few years,

Then they go, far away from here,

They’re doin’ what the corporations say,

But we’ve got a vote, every day.