Village Building Convergence story presented at August Grange meeting

Work day at the Grange

Sebastian Collet shared the story of the VBC with a slide presentation at our August Potluck meeting. Here are highlights from his presentation:

Village Building Convergence came to Sebastopol in 2014

Sebastian was initially involved with Village Building Convergence from Portland, Oregon. It began with the idea of dreaming up the best possible future for our children in our own neighborhoods. Building Resiliency through relationship with neighborhood projects.

For example, intersections can be repainted and symbolically taken over through “City Repair”. Informational Kiosks can be built. Community Gardens can be planted. These are all forms of intersection repair. The projects become a feature that then ripples out as people come together and create more gathering spaces, beautify more areas, and develop the creation of community.

Spring 2014 was the first Sebastopol Village Building Convergence event. The central gathering place for the 10-day event was our very own Sebastopol Grange Hall. There were many community/neighborhood projects scattered throughout town, some even into Petaluma & Santa Rosa. In the Barlow area, 400 showed up for the first painting on McKinley Street. Sebastopol Citizens and visitors to the area were able to beautify our town, and meet neighbors and folks in a casual way.

In Fall 2016 another 10-day event full of great speakers, music, and projects. Again our Sebastopol Grange was the central meeting place where presentations, music and meals were had.

On Earth Day 2017, The VBC focused on beautifying the Grange Hall by planting the front of the Grange in collaboration with Daily Acts. Over 100 people gathered to plant a bee-friendly, drought tolerant landscape. It was a great day!

Earth Day 2018- The VBC partnered again with the Sebastopol Grange and Daily Acts to work again on the Grange landscape, continuing to add dirt to Kids Mountain, replant the front area closest to the building, and to check on existing plants in the front Highway zone. Over 80 people showed up to offer hands and hearts.

VBCVBC plans for this year!

October 18-21st, 2018: Mark Lakeman will be speaking at the Grange on Friday, Oct.19. Mark started the initial VBC movement up in Portland, OR. He is an inspiring activist, builder, artist, friend to many, all around great human. Sebastopol Grange VBC Project ideas will be finalized at the September Business meeting (9/18/18) before the October event. One possibility is to finish Kid Mountain.

There are ideas to continue to enhance the Grange yard—drainage and grading needs to be addressed. People are concerned about maintenance required on anything that is planted. Ongoing discussions will be held with the Grange Landscape Committee. Contact Sebastian Collet for further questions or ideas.