SpotLight ~ Gary Abreim

Behind the Curtain….

Is a certain person, that in his quiet unassuming way, has a major part in keeping this show up and running. By that I mean no disrespect to the others in our leadership group, but this guy shoulders a pretty large load.  Areas that most of us would absolutely cringe if we had to do it on an ongoing basis… the management of the finances of our grange, as well as handling the rentals that provide us with an income to support the Grange operations. Meeting with prospective renters frequently, IRS taxes, Legal Filings, Dues, Grange Paperwork, balancing the Books (and checkbooks, (tracking receipts, expenditures, etc)… well, it makes my head hurt to just think about it.

Gary Abreim comes to us with a wealth of accounting experience that he puts to use here.  Officially retired, I think he works full-time, talking with prospective renters, groups, & co-ordiating activities that happen here at our Hall. He does manage an annual vacation, I understand, to Burning Man (where he let’s down his hair… oh… wait… hair, did I say hair?)

It’s a rare meeting that does not have Gary quietly sitting with his laptop, keeping track of what is going on.  It’s that consistency that allows others of us, to move in and out of the work of the Grange… because we know someone is holding down the fort!Me