Sebastopol Village Building Convergence- Weaving Hearts & Hands: April 15-24

The Second Annual Sebastopol Village Building Convergence (VBC) invites you to join in the fun and festivity of placemaking – reclaiming our underutilized public spaces and transforming them into beautiful places that bring people together, like street murals, community gardens, and neighborhood gathering spots.

In addition to community placemaking projects, our 10-day festival has a diverse program filled with educational workshops, speakers, live music, and kids activities that highlight our local talent and the work being done to build village in the North Bay.

“The VBC is an exemplary project that brings people together to creatively make functional improvements to beautify and serve the City of Sebastopol, its citizens and visitors alike.”
– Sebastopol City Council Member Robert Jacob

For our Earth Day celebration on Friday April 22nd, we’re excited to welcome Penny Livingston from the Regenerative Design Institute!

Other evening highlights include a Women in the Soil panel, Intentional Communities Night, the Tiny Houses movement, and a discussion on the legalization of Cannabis and it’s effect on our community.

Most of our celebratory and informational evening events will be held at the Sebastopol Grange, with our placemaking teams spread around town.

A full schedule of events is available on our website:

All daytime placemaking events are free and everyone of all ages is invited to come help paint, build, and plant and create beauty together.

Tickets for evening events can be purchased separately on the day of the event. Whole event passes are available presale on the VBC website now.