Sebastopol Grange Rap

By M.Shafer-Porte modified by Laura Shafer

Join up!

Join the Grange. Please fill out this form.
People ask, “What do I get if I join?”
For 33 dollars a year,
What do you get? This here:

You get your name on the A list with
Notables of your Community,
You can put this on your resume,
Shows involvement, commitment, and unity.

You can stand and complain
With The Grange by your name,
Seek improvements in the game,
We respond to your exclaims
Of society arrangements
In this game that we all play.

With your contribution dues,
We throw public meetings
And fund-raisers too,
And with incoming revenues,
Support community events and schools…

BoomboxTogether, we support the farmers,
Clean the fields and halls,
Keep an eye on the flies,
Make our compost,
Make some friends…

So put your ante in the pot,
Put your money where you holler,
What else do you get these days for 33 dollars?