Sebastopol Grange Communications Policies

The purpose of Grange communications is to promote Grange programs to our members and the greater community. Communication channels include our website, our email newsletters, and our Facebook page. These policies are designed to streamline our communications efforts for maximum effectiveness with minimum time and expense.

All written communications are executed by the Communications Coordinator, under the direction of the executive committee.

Content to be published is determined by the Communications Coordinator based on information obtained at meetings, events on our calendar, and requests of the Communications Committee and/or the President. Content includes Grange news and Grange-sponsored events.

Grange Calendar
The calendar is administered by the facility manager. The facility manager will give permission to organizers of events at the Grange to list events on our calendar. Calendar listings for Grange-sponsored events should include all information needed to promote the event on all our channels, e.g., date, time, description, contact if applicable, and link to more information.

Grange Facebook pages
Anyone may post to the Friends of the Sebastopol Grange group Facebook page on any topic. The Communications Coordinator posts about Grange news and Grange-sponsored events on our official Sebastopol Grange #306 Facebook page.

Email Communications
Content for email marketing includes content from our website and calendar, along with information provided to the Communications Coordinator by the President and authorized persons. Content may be reviewed before emailing by no more than three people authorized to do so.
Grangers and community members who subscribe to our email marketing have given us permission to email them about Grange news and events. Anti-spam laws and best practices for email marketing require us to respect the granting of the subscribers’ “explicit… permission”.
We limit the use of email marketing to no more than four per month on average, both to avoid exceeding our staff budget and to avoid over-taxing our subscribers’ responsiveness.