2019-2020 Grange #306 Scholarships

The Sebastopol Grange provides educational funding in five areas:

The Member Education Scholarship (worth up to $250) is for a member to attend a class or event that will improve the knowledge base in our Grange community.
Applications for spring grants are due on Feb. 1 and for fall grants on Sept. 1.

The School Program Grant (worth up to $300) for a local school program or project to further the Grange goals of a healthy environment, sustainable agriculture and food systems or community service.
Applications for spring grants are due on Feb. 1 and for fall grants on Sept. 1.

The Youth Scholarship is to support school or college study for Grange members or the children of Grange members. We will be awarding at least two scholarships for up to $500.
Applications are due February 1 each year.

The Youth “Extended Family” Scholarship is for young people (up to age 26) who are working on their educational goals. Groups that have regular interactions with the Sebastopol Grange or use of the Sebastopol Grange Hall are considered our extended family.
Applications are due by Sept 1 and Feb 1.

Our latest grant is called the Grange Community Impact Grant and it is designed to encourage programs or educational events that will benefit both Grange members and the community. We are looking for good ideas and proposals; please talk to a scholarship committee member or see details in the application.

Please read the 2018-19 Grange #306 Scholarship Descriptions for more information and applications. Priority will be given to those who have not received a Sebastopol Grange scholarship in the last two years.

Scholarship Descriptions, Directions, and Applications.