Renewing members: Paying your Annual Dues

Your membership dues support the work of the Grange.  At about $3/month it’s a priceless deal.

Membership options:

Single: $33
Family: 2 or more $66 (Adults and children age 13 1/2 -21.)

Special Contribution: You can also choose to make a special contribution to pay some or all of the annual dues for a member (senior, student, farmer, etc) who may need assistance OR to support a special project.

You can pay securely online via PayPal below or by mail to Sebastopol Grange, PO Box 2759, Sebastopol CA 95473. Please include all member names, your mailing address, and phone number. If you have questions or comments about your membership, please contact us at

Pay Your Membership Dues:


Member name(s)

Make a Special Contribution:

New members:

If you wish to become a member you MUST apply for membership, and be accepted. Paying the dues does NOT automatically make you a member of the Sebastopol Grange. We’re a community and we’d like to meet you. If you are becoming a new member, you will pay your dues when you join at the monthly meeting.
Click here to download a membership application. Fill it out and come to our monthly meeting, on the last Tuesday of the month (except Dec) or contact one of the officers.

We, THE PEOPLE, are the Grange

YOU do not have to be a farmer to become a member of our community.

The Grange is a grass roots organization that began in 1867. Rising from the fields and farmlands, we gathered on common ground to support each other, work together, and honor traditional values.

Today, the Grange has evolved into a community service organization with 10,000 members and 206 chapters across California. Grange halls are often the center of their community, providing culture, entertainment, and education, and a place for new and old friends to meet.

Everyone is welcome to apply for membership in the Grange. Each member contributes at their own pace.