New Sebastopol Grange officers sworn in

Our new officers were sworn in at our general meeting on February 23. We thank them for their commitment and their dedication. With the support of our members, we look forward to an exciting and productive year ahead.

For more information, see our Leadership page.

Leadership Team
Top: Vince Scholten, President; Evan Wiig, Lecturer, Executive Committee; Jerry Allen, Sonoma County Ponoma President, Sebastopol Grange Past President, Alan Hahn, Assistant Steward; Peter Schurch, Musician; Lawrence Jaffe, Gatekeeper, Executive Committee. Bottom: Lynn Scholten, Grace Pomona; Ariel Scholten, Grace Flora; Laura Shafer, Steward; Karen Perry, Secretary–Recording; Gary Abreim, Treasurer; Jeanna Collet, Vice President. Not pictured: Barton Stone, Chaplain; Leandra Swent, Grace Ceres.