Members are encouraged to attend the State Convention June 22-25

California State Grange Convention:
June 22 -25 at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds

At the annual California State Grange session, we have a unique opportunity to meet Grangers from all over the state and experience our 150-year-old heritage.

It would be an honor to attend this convention with as many of you that can, showing up with our Sebastopol hearts, engaging in this long term democratic practice and participating within it to make our voices heard.

Our Grange is pleased to have the convention here in Sonoma County and we want to support your attending by paying your registration fee whether for one day or the whole convention.

You can view the convention schedule here along with the menu options here. You will need to pay for your meals though.

Dear Fellow Grangers,
I’m writing to encourage more of you to come to our state Grange Convention, which will be next Thursday June 22nd through Sunday the 25th at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Or even come for part of it. You’ll get good food and a chance to really see another side to the Grange and to meet brothers and sisters from all over California.

Sebastopol Grange is ready to help you do this by helping fund your registration. Please contact Gary Abreim at or 321-4250. Let’s show a strong presence from Sebastopol at the convention and share the good work we are doing!

Friday night is the talent show and Jeanna is performing.

Saturday night is an opportunity to take your 5th and 6th degree and experience the richness of the Grange heritage. The cost is quite minimal.

Jerry Allen

CA Convention