June 20: Common Ground: Film Debut & Community Discussion

Monday, June 20 at 7 PM – 9 PM

Is there room in Sonoma County for agriculture, affordable housing and open space? Join us for the public debut of “Common Ground: Speaking Out on Land Use in Sonoma County,” a short film featuring the diverse perspectives of local farmers, environmentalists and affordable housing advocates on the topic of land use and the need for a shared dialogue in our community.

As a group project by students of the Leadership Institute for the Economy & Ecology, this film begins with the premise that our county faces huge barriers to preserving our natural environment, keeping farms viable and assuring that everyone has access to a home—we also believe that all stakeholders bring a unique perspective on what constitutes optimal land-use and that a healthy exchange of ideas can foster more resilient and equitable land-use policy.

After the screening of this film, we’ll host a guided conversation to share ideas, perspectives and begin to forge the alliances needed for long-term solutions.

Free/Donations welcome.


– Davin Cardenas, North Bay Organizing Project
– Brock Dolman, Occidental Arts & Ecology Center
– Elizabeth Kaiser, Singing Frogs Farm
– Lisa Micheli, Pepperwood Preserve
– Adrienne Lauby, Homeless Action!
– Jesse Pizzitola, First Light Farm
– Trathen Heckman, Daily Acts
– Jesús Guzmán, Graton Day Labor Center (Centro Laboral de Graton)
– Annie Dobbs Kramer, North Bay Organizing Project
– Scott Johnson, MidPen Housing
– Paul Kaiser, Singing Frogs Farm

Created by: Noah Andrus, Janae Lloyd, Stewart McBride, Chris Melançon, Teri Shore, Jim Taggart, Vicki Vaughn & Evan Wiig

Common Ground