Join us for a fun Grange Work Party on Sunday, April 7

Landscaping at the Grange

Join us at the Grange Hall on Sunday, April 7, 9am-3pm!

Brunch will be prepared by Matt Roberts, a fellow Grange Member
We will have Hot Coffee, Hot Tea, and Mates available. Additional Snacks for the afternoon portion are welcome and encouraged.

Join us at our Grange Hall to do some Spring Cleaning. We will be pruning, weeding, and laying out fresh wood chips in our planted areas at the Grange. We will be cleaning out the storage container and doing some work on Kid’s Mountain in the back area.

It’s going to be FUN, we hope to see you there!
KIDS are Most Welcome!

Please RSVP and let us know that you will be attending so that we can cook the right amount of food.
Send your RSVP to :