Jerry’s Update

Jerry Allen Grange President 2015

Jerry Allen
Grange President 2015


Hi to all Sebastopol Grangers,

Happy New Year and I hope this year will be filled with light and
fulfillment and good times for all of us and for our Grange!

Our next Site Planning meeting (#2) for our Grange will be Sunday, January
18th from 12:30 to 4:30pm. All members are welcome, even if you couldn’t
attend the previous meeting. We will be continuing to prioritize our plans
for how to develop the Grange.

Our next business meeting is on the third Tuesday, January 20th at 6pm.
All members are welcome to attend. Please send me agenda items for that.
Our next potluck and general meeting will be the last Tuesday, January

Our next Vital Alchemy fermentation group meeting will be on the third
Wednesday, January 21st 7-8:30pm. Learn how to make fermented foods. All
are welcome.

We will be hosting the Pomona (Regional) Grange meeting on Saturday,
January 24th at 10am. Several things are needed.
First, please come and RSVP to me for the lunch. The lunch is $7.  If
you’re an officer, you can get sworn in by Bob McFarland State Grange
President, who will be attending.
Second, a crew needs to show up and set up the room for that 10am meeting.

Third, we are hosting a lunch at noon. We need a crew to work on producing
that meal. Nancy Cadigan has already volunteered to shop and to prep on
the 23rd. Thank you Nancy. We need folks to step forward as a crew to do
that lunch. Please RSVP to Nancy if you can help with the lunch. Her
email:   Lawrence will be getting regional
RSVP’s from the other Granges. We will coordinate numbers at the business
meeting on the 20th.

The working plan for that Pomona Jan 24th lunch is a taco bar (easy to
do): cooked ground turkey, diced onions, grated cheese, corn
tortillas(gluten free), cilantro, sour cream, salsa mild and hotter, a pot
of pinto beans, perhaps some tamales, spanish rice.
That is a meal that will be easy to divide up the work on. The bean and
cheese tacos should work for vegetarians.

Thank you to all of you for everything you work on.
Jerry Allen, President
Sebastopol Grange