Here’s what happened at our January Meeting

and Elections on January 30, 2024

Following a delicious potluck dinner and socializing, our Grange Musician Peter and friends entertained us.

We met special guests Sue and Mark Loomis, who traveled 3,313 miles from upstate New York, representing the Ausable Valley Grange #973. They are working to revive their Grange and had written Lawrence a letter some months ago about how inspired they were by our programs. They decided to take a trip and come see us for themselves!

New members jan 2024

We welcomed as new members Felicia Bander, Robin Latham, Christina Nichol, Portia Sinnott, Sally Sorenson, and Hasna Wood. Eva Granahan became a new member at our earlier January business meeting. Welcome all to our Grange community!

We elected our 2024 officers. See our new-and-returning leadership team members here.

Kay Rivers spoke on behalf of Cotati Kids Heritage Grazing. The mission of the organization is to preserve an endangered species of San Clemente Island goats that are native to San Clemente Island off the coast of southern California. Thei group is setting up a breeding program outside of Sebastopol. They hope to use the goats for targeted grazing to help reduce fire risk. They also plan to partner with the community for interaction and education. Donations of time, money, skills, and expertise are welcomed.