Harbin Healing Event and fundraiser held at the Grange

The event held at the Grange on Wednesday, 9/23, was based on the “Healing Village” type of environment, with a beautiful alter in the center and many works of art all around. We created the altar to have a place for those who lost their homes and livelihood to pour their grief out.

We also had many healers come and go throughout the day and give sessions. We had many types of bodywork, acupuncture, counseling and sound healing represented. Fire victims received free healing services; local supporters paid $20 for a 20 min session to raise funds. We also had a silent auction, beautiful sound healing and live music by Eostar and Mathias. Some brought beautiful art to share. A dance topped off the evening into the late night. We had Harbin’s own DJ Omer there, in addition to DJ Feral for the wonderful dance part of the event. The room was full.

The day was truly profound. I will not soon forget how it felt to see so many of the Harbin folks that were scattered to the winds after the fire, reuniting there in that room with tearful hugs and many stories to tell. I believe this was the first time they were all in the same room since their loss. This event was primarily for giving a space to begin the healing process after such a loss. In their case, it is not just a loss of home and work, it is also a loss of a very tight-knit community.

There were many who generously came to help. Some of the healers were there all day, giving, giving, giving! This community rocks.

There were many, many tears, sobs, healing, hugs and the room was palpable with love and care. We said prayers for everyone’s recovery and for Harbin’s next life.

Even though the priority of the event was for giving the fire victims healing and support, we raised over $1000! This money is going into a special fund created just for Harbin residents.

There are pics and names of the healers/helpers from the event if anyone wants that info. You can go to the facebook page to see them

A big thank you to Gary and Jerry and the Grange for making it so smooth and easy to have this event at the Grange.
Thank you to the Grange!
I love you!

Many of us want to have another one at some point, so stay tuned!

be well, all
Julia Bystrova