Grange Officer Descriptions

The President sets the agenda and chairs meetings. Facilitates committee formation and works with various committees and groups as needed. Calls Executive Committee meetings between regular meetings when needed. Is usually a delegate to the State Convention.

The Vice President 
fulfills the President’s duties when needed and helps to run the Grange, to instruct members and work to solve problems. Serves as a non voting member on the Executive Committee.

The Lecturer 
leads the literary and educational programs, to bring out the talents of the members, selecting topics with information for the good of the Order.

The Steward
 keeps safe the order and property of the Grange and assists with arranging the room for meetings.

Assistant Stewards
 (2) look to the comfort, protection and welfare of the Grange, preserving peace in our Order.

The Chaplin 
brings their spiritual calling to add prayers as we gather, guided as seeds fall on good soil and bring forth plenty, remembering members not present with us.

The Treasurer 
serves with honesty and integrity to keep our accounts correct and ready for examination. Seeing the funds are safe and the bills paid.

The Secretary
records our meeting minutes with care, promptness and efficiency. Acts as the voice of the Grange, as these records last long after our service.

The GateKeeper/Greeter
 is to see that all who enter the Hall are welcomed and have business at the Grange. Keeps the vibe peaceful.

The Graces
 help with events and meetings, and are historically part of the rituals. They may help to welcome members and assist with communications to members.
    • Ceres, goddess of Cereals, Agriculture, helps improve our lives, elevate and enlarge the sphere of thought and action.
    • Pomona, goddess of Fruit urges cultivation and improvement of what bears fruit, helps guide youth towards future wisdom and usefulness.
    • Flora, goddess of flowers embodies the beauty of everyday life in their cultivation to enrich the cycle of nature.
The Executive Committee (3 people) is entrusted and responsible for invested funds, advice and counsel to encourage fellow officers and with the President are authorized between regular meetings in emergency or need, to act in the name of the Grange itself.

The Grange Musician
 is able to share their talents with the members of the Grange, visitors and guests. Aid the Lecturer with any musical needs. As music truly touches the mood of people, increasing joy and happiness in good times and providing solace in times of trouble and despair. Use your abilities to lift the hearts of those around you.