Grange Officer Descriptions

1. President (In Sebastopol, we use “president” rather than the traditional “master” to be culturally sensitive. )

Regarding meetings: The president presides over meetings generally, including ruling on parliamentary questions and objections in meetings. The president sets the agenda of Grange meetings, swears in new members, and is overall responsible to keep meetings civil, Grangerly, moving along time-wise, and friendly. The president personally welcomes new members and sets an inclusive tone. The president is responsible for making sure the meetings meet the minimum requirements for Grange meetings and that Grange rules are adequately followed.
In Sebastopol Grange, we decided by vote to have a second, business-related meeting each month, currently on the third Tuesday nights. This is a full meeting, not a committee and all members are welcome. That meeting makes decisions and discusses matters at length, which is why we decided to have those meetings rather than have long discussions in our monthly meeting and potluck, giving us more time to have a lecturer program and music, etc. without having the monthly potluck meeting go deep into the night.

Officers and Committees: The president swears in officers, appoints committee members and empowers officers to exercise their respective roles wherever possible.
Committees include the executive committee, rental, building improvements, finance/audit, women’s group, the film night, fermentation, scholarship, VBC and event/fundraising.

Rental Affairs: While the rentals of the Grange are the responsibility of the rental manager, supported by the previous rental manager & current treasurer, the President also needs to be available to consult closely with the rental manager and the treasurer about repairs, problems with the physical hall, problems with renters and other matters from time to time.

Dispute Resolution: The president can convene a mediation/dispute resolution process if members are having a dispute with each other. This is meant to try to resolve conflicts and avoid a Grange trial process between members.

External Affairs: The president liaises with the state Grange President as needed as well as the officers and members of sister Granges and the regional Pomona Grange, and attends the state Grange convention as a delegate of our Grange. Though not exclusive to the president, the president is often the face of the Grange in the community and will often be the one who welcomes groups to the Grange or speaks at outside community events. This responsibility can be liberally shared with other senior Grangers who have skills and experience as ambassadors.

2. Vice-President In Sebastopol we say vice-president rather than overseer, to be culturally sensitive. The role of the vice-president tends to be as backup to the president, presiding if the president cannot be present. However there is room to have the vice-president take other responsibilities, such as convening and leading committees, representing the Grange at functions at the Grange and elsewhere. It is a role that develops leadership.

3. The Executive Committee, which consists of the President, Vice-President and three elected members, is an important committee. If a decision on some matter needs to be made between Grange meetings and it is a matter that would require a vote, the President will convene an executive committee meeting or, if necessary, poll the executive committee to vote on the decision that needs to be made. The president can ask the executive committee for advice on any matter. The executive committee members are usually experienced Grangers who have knowledge of the Grange and other members.

4. Lecturer (Program Director) The lecture portion of our meetings is considered the heart of the Grange. The Lecturer presents programs of interest to the membership at each meeting
Lecture programs provide information worth knowing, something helpful or instructive. Something that you want to ponder or remember. Interesting and entertaining such as a poem, song, music or film. Lecturers instill participation especially with youth and new members and gently seek out from members what they might have to contribute to the membership.

5. Chaplain Assists in ritualistic ceremonies. Provides opening prayers at meetings and participates with the president and other members in honoring Grangers who have passed or who are in need.
6. Recording Secretary Records the minutes of the business and monthly meetings that describes the events of the meeting and may include a list of attendees, a statement of the issues considered by the participants, and related decisions for the issues or motions made or voted on.

7. Membership Secretary Maintains the membership rolls, collect dues and prepares membership reports for the California State Grange.

8. Treasurer maintains a fiduciary responsibility for Grange assets. Responsible for the payment of all approved bills, recording of deposits, banking and bank reconciliations, recording all transactions in Quickbooks, preparation of monthly reports to the membership, maintenance of insurance, timely reporting compliance with the California Secretary of State, Internal Revenue Service and Franchise Tax Board. Interfaces with the hall manager, Membership Secretary, Executive Committee and President on all items of a financial/operating nature including reports to the California State Grange. Serves as a backup to the hall manager. Liaises with hall manager, maintenance staff and President on all major repairs and improvements.

9. Gatekeeper Guards the outer gate. Welcomes visitors and new members to Grange meetings and activities. Introduces visitors as provided for in opening of the Grange ritualistic ceremony.

10. Steward, Assistant Steward & Lady Assistant Steward Guards the inner gate. Sees that the meeting room is properly prepared. Conducts initiation and such other ritualistic ceremonies as may be required.

11. Musician Creates a musical piece for monthly meetings.

12. Graces Pomona (Fruit), Ceres (Grain) & Flora (Flowers) are positions that are held by women Grangers only who assist in rituals and ceremonies.