Grange is Community, A Coming Together

protect the harvest

The Grange is a community organization.  It’s a place to meet your neighbors and to have community events.  It is also a place to discuss issues that affect our community.  It’s a place to grow & develop.

We support the right to make our own choices.   We stand behind GMO labeling, the “right to farm”, the “right to choose what we eat”, and we stand firmly against fracking! We endeavor to support the small farmer and the challenges they face.

We welcome all of our neighbors and friends.  We have had a Grange Renaissance, in Sebastopol & the surrounding areas, in the last 4 years. We’ve grow from just a handful of active members to almost 200 members today! People drawn to re-connecting and rebuilding community resilience.

More than anything else, the grange is what we make it. While the Grange has a long history (1873) in California, it has started  remaking itself in a new framework relevant to today’s needs.


Historically it was farmers drawing together to support each other, back when 97% of the population was involved with farming. Today 100% are involved with eating food but less than 1% are farming outside of the industrial agricultural model.

Today the Grange is anyone interested in developing local community, including rebuilding our food systems that focus on nutrient quality, sustainability & availability.  We’ve had a broad range of speakers speakers, held the state Grange convention, and we’ve had fun events like dances and potlucks and a movie series.

Please come by and attend a meeting if you are interested.  We have a monthly meeting & potluck the Last Tuesday of the Month, 6:30 potluck, 7:30 meeting. Children are welcome!

Sebastopol Grange Hall @ 6000 Sebastopol Ave, Hwy 12.

Check our “Hall Happenings” list  to see what else is scheduled for the upcoming months.  We offer Grange sponsored events, meetings, workshops,  as well as other events put on by groups, that are in alignment with our framework.

 But….Day will neverCome meet your local Grange Community!

Hall rentals are available for private events, as well. Check with the Hall Manager for availability & costs.

For rental information call:  707-573-6049