Grange 150th Anniversary Four-Minute-Movie Contest!

movie contest

Let’s represent our Grange!

Get out your cameras or even your phones and put together your own amazing four-minute-movie celebrating Grange! And here’s the best part: The prizes sponsored by the National Grange Foundation!

The top three finalist will receive up-to a $200 travel stipend, Friday and Saturday night accommodations at the 150th Annual Session of the National Grange in Washington DC, and two tickets to the Celebration banquet where the winning movies will be shown and first, second, and third place awards announced!

First Place: $1000 Cash Prize!
Second Place: $500 Cash Prize!
Third Place: $250 Cash Prize!

All entries will be judged on content, quality, and creativity following a designated grading rubric (See attached). The top seven videos will be part of a social media popularity vote August 15 – August 31, 2017, with the top three favorites moving on to the finalist round at National Session in Spokane, Washington on November 11, 2017.

There are no limits to the themes of your four-minute movie as long as it showcases Grange!

Suggestions to get your wheels turning include–but are not limited to:

  • How Grange has impacted my life
  • The Grange Story: Our history and heritage
  • Why I love Grange!
  • Grange accomplishments, wins, and successes
  • Why I joined the Grange, why I stay


All entries must be accompanied by a completed submission form and waiver no later than MIDNIGHT (PST) on AUGUST 4, 2017.

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