Mend & Befriend

Fri, September 30, 2022, 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
We are looking for friends and neighbors of all ages to help us build a community that fosters: sharing, mending, learning, self-reliance, friendships, zero waste, re-use, and repair.

MEND & BEFRIEND will be a recurring event that evolves over time based on our needs and talents.

We ask that participants bring clothes or fabric items that need repair and also sewing supplies if you have any.  We can help each other learn mending techniques both basic and decorative like embroidery and Sashiko: The Japanese Art of Mending Fabric with Beautiful Stitches.
Bring any yard tools that you would like to mend, we would like to add the mending of tools and other items.

In addition, please bring any clean clothing items or fabric that you would like to put out for our clothes/fabric swap.  If the item has a special story behind it, you can opt to write a small note about it and pin to your offering.
We will supply the following: extra sewing supplies, material scraps, project ideas.

We ask that you bring the following: a mask if needed for when in close proximity to others while inside, your own plate, cup and silverware & a snack if desired.