Grange General Meeting

Tue, September 26, 2023, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Join us at 6pm for the community meal.

Please bring your own dish and a cash donation to contribute to the prepared food that will be served. Desserts and Drinks are always welcome!

The meeting will include general business, a musical element, and something to nourish the mind and heart.

Robert van de Walle will share a presentation on “Trashlantis: Responding to Our Addiction to Plastic”

Bob van de Walle and Dawn Thomas have been building and racing kinetic Sculptures since 2012. These contraptions are upcycled from discards and new components to make human powered crafts that float, roll, or climb, on land, water, sand, mud, or railroad tracks. We used this year’s sculpture, Trashlantis, as an opportunity to talk to spectators about our addiction to plastic and the harm caused in the environment by its continued production and poor waste stream control. Typically we discard a theme and make a plan for new art the following year –but response to Trashlantis has been so overwhelming and positive we’ve decided to expand it into a one day festival so more people can participate. We’ll be speaking about our findings about plastic in the waste stream and environment, and presenting our strategy to develop and bring the festival to Sebastopol in October of 2024.