Food Localization Action Group Meeting with author Emily Murphy

Thu, October 20, 2022, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Food Localization Action Group Please join us and Emily Murphy, author of GROW NOW: How We Can Save Our Health, Communities, and Planet — One Garden at a Time at the Sebastopol Grange on Oct. 20,2022  As part of the regular Food Localization Action Group we will hear and discuss the concepts Emily writes about:
The places we plant and grow have the power to improve personal health and the planet’s health, acting as a critical source for positive environmental change. Emily Murphy outlines how to enact change beginning in the landscapes closest to home with regenerative practices scaled for individuals and communities. She pairs these practices with a new frame of reference. When we update our language with nature-positive purpose and merge these updates with the regenerative process, we create a framework for grassroots climate action that supports biodiversity and the health of all species. In a nutshell, it’s a framework for growing healthy food, rewilding our land, sequestering carbon, and living in harmony with Nature. Emily would also like to hear from us, our experiences, and how together we can create greater, positive impact.
Sebastopol Grange Hall at 6000 Sebastopol Ave, Hwy 12

6pm potluck- bring your own picnic set (cup, bowl, plate, utensils) & a dish to share

7pm program (attending program only is fine)


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