The Farmer Olympics celebrates the champions of local food!

Farmer Olympics - John Burgess - Press Democrat

The Farmers Guild BBQ and Farmer Olympics at the Sebastpol Grange on July 7 featured competitions that included potato sack races, wheelbarrow races, T-post driving, drip tape unraveling and more, along with a meal cooked by Estero Café of Valley Ford with ingredients provided by local farmers. The Hubbub Club brass band performed in festive fashion.

About 250 people came to share in the fun, both farmers and the general public.

“It was all about celebrating not just our farmers but those we call our ‘Food Champions,’” Wiig said.

“They are the people who buy our food, like restaurant owners and chefs, and the people at farmers markets. They support our new generation of farmers.”

Read more about the event on the Press Democrat.

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Jan Talk: Hospital Re-Opening

Raymond Hino
Raymond Hino

Our General Meeting & Potluck, on Jan 27th, hosted a presentation Raymond Hino, the newly hired CEO for Sonoma West Medical Center and the hospital foundation. He called the proposed facility a “modern, 21st century hospital” that “emphasizes top-of-the-line high quality outpatient surgical and medical services.” It was an interesting and well received overview of what is in the works.

Here is the article that covered much of what was said at the meeting, except we had the pleasure of actually meeting, visiting, and talking with some of the principles.

Before the presentation, the new CEO Mr. Hino & Dr. Powers applied and joined the Grange, along with 6 other new members. Reaching out to each part of our community to connect and build bridges is a core theme we embrace, and are happy to welcome them all.

Palm Drive Hospital officials targeting April 6 reopening

January 21, 2015, 8:49PM

An effort to reopen Palm Drive Hospital in Sebastopol in April is ramping up.

Details of the proposed new hospital are emerging as the hospital board has given approval for a local hospital foundation to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs to ready the facility.

“It’s clear that we are progressing and moving the ball down the field, and we’re working together,” said Dennis Colthurst, one of two new board members elected in November.

Read the entire article here.

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