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Farmers’ Bill of Rights

Posted on June 20, 2014 by Amy Crawford Petaluma Grange Host Farmers’ Bill of Rights Meeting, w/State Grange President Bob McFarland                   June 23, Monday 7pm  ~   Lydia’s Sunflower Center, Petaluma Grange members, Farmers’ Guild members,

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Self-Watering Containers SWC

May Monthly Grange Meeting Topic: It’s called Self Watering, NOT because you don’t ever have to water, but because the plant pulls the water on the schedule IT determines. It self-waters from the pool you provide (and refill). We saw

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Dirty Dozen, Clean Thirteen

Dirty Dozen, Clean Thirteen Confronted with a budget, when going to the market and facing the produce available, a question often comes to mind. WHICH fruits/veggies should I be most careful of purchasing as organic.  Hopefully all, but if I

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