Grange leadership teamGrange Leadership Team

The Sebastopol Grange Leadership Team for 2019

President: Jeanna Collet
Vice President: Laura Shafer
Executive Committee: Jeanna Collet, Laura Shafer, Evan Wiig, Hrieth Pezzi, Tor Allen
Lecturer: Evan Wiig
Treasurer: Gary Abreim
Musician: Lawrence Jaffee
Secretary: Carol Henderson
Chaplain: Barton Stone
Gatekeeper: Shepherd Bliss
Steward: Dot Janson
Assistant Steward: Peter Schurch
Lady Assistant Steward: Merle Azar
Pomona – Dorothy Morgan
Ceres – Kaylynne Throne
Flora – Victoria Johnston


The Sebastopol Grange Leadership Team is a diverse group that bring their many skills, experiences, and insights to the Grange, to work together to build the future we envision.

Come join us in building that vision!

Find officer descriptions here.