Leadership 2017

Back: Executive Committee: Hrieth Pezzi, Assistant Steward: Alan Hahn, Lady Asst Steward: Laura Shafer, Executive Committee: Nancy Cadigan, Executive Committee: Vince Scholten, Lecturer: Evan Wiig. Middle: Ceres : Dorothy Morgan, Gatekeeper: Shepherd Bliss, Vice President: Lawrence Jaffe, Steward: Ariel Scholten, Pomona: Elana Roberts, Flora: Lynn Scholten. Front: Treasurer: Gary Abreim, Secretary: Karen Perry, Chaplain: Barton Stone, President: Jeanna Collet, Musician: Peter Schurch.

JeannaPresident – Jeanna Collet
Jeanna is a core member of the Village Builders, a Grange committee whose focus is on neighborhood resilience through different community projects. Turning public “space” into “place.” Each year she and others organize a 10-day Village Building Convergence with building projects during the day throughout town and educational events during the evening at our very own Grange Hall. Find more information here.
Jeanna is also a our Hall’s Event Coordinator working with many different local groups through town as well as reserving our space for musical events, weddings, baptisms, anniversary parties, and all of life’s celebrations. To contact her for Rental questions email: grangeevent@gmail.com
In her personal life, Jeanna loves spending time with her family and friends. She loves to hike, SING, cook, create, learn, and finds great joy planting her bare feet into the ground giving thanks for the Earth.

Lawrence JaffeVice President –Lawrence Jaffe
Lawrence is an active member of the community. He has served on the boards of FarmLink, Climate Protection Campaign, Sonoma County County Community Development Commission Board, Santa Rosa Downtown Market and Community Alliance With Family Farmers.
He attended the University of California at Santa Cruz and The New College of San Francisco’s Law School for Public Policy and Social Change. He also ran Left Field Farm from 1995 to 2002. With a strong commitment to local culture, agriculture, and community, he is helping to revitalize the Sebastopol Grange.

Gary AbriemTreasurer – Gary Abreim
Gary is a problem-solving consulting professional with successful financial, accounting and operational management experience that specializes in small businesses. He has also been a business modeling coach in the Green MBA program at Dominican University. Gary received an MBA from UCLA and his CPA with an international accounting firm.
Gary’s focus is building resilient communities and has been is a strong advocate of the Go Local & Transition initiatives, and active with LandPaths, Sonoma County’s nonprofit organization that encourages responsible land stewardship by connecting people to the land.

Evan WiigLecturer  – Evan Wiig
Evan is the Executive Director of The Farmers Guild, organizing and advocating for the newest generation of sustainable food producers, land stewards and agricultural innovators. Evan sits on the Sonoma County Food Systems Alliance and works closely with the Grange Farm School.

Secretary-Recording – Karen Perry

Executive Committee – Hrieth Pezzi, Nancy Cadigan, Vince Scholten

Gatekeeper – Shepherd Bliss

Steward – Ariel Scholten

Assistant Stewards – Alan Hahn, Laura Shafer

Chaplain – Barton Stone

Musician – Peter Schurch

Flora – Lynn Scholten

Pomona – Elana Roberts

Ceres – Dorothy Morgan

The Sebastopol Grange Leadership Team is a diverse group that bring their many skills, experiences, and insights to the Grange, to work together to build the future we envision.

Come join us in building that vision!

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