What can you find at the Sebastopol Grange?

Sebastopol Grange team

What can you find at the Sebastopol Grange?

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Dear Fellow Grangers and Friends of Sebastopol Grange 306,

For the month of April, we will continue to cooperate in the YO, STAY HOME EVERYBODY directive.
April Fool’s, it’s really called the DON’T GET YOUR COMMUNITY SICK, NO DUH Y’ALL mandate.
All events and activities are cancelled until further notice.

No joke, we are allowing the non-profit SAVS to use our kitchen as one of their satellite sites to prepare meals to take to the homeless every day, for the duration of the crisis.
If you see activity when passing by, it is their crew at work taking care of a very vulnerable population.

Keeping our distance now is the fastest way to maintain our health and regain all the wonderful ways we have of connecting at our Hall.

Until this too has passed, be well and soak in the beautiful spring we are blessed with.

Laura Shafer
Your Grange President