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The Village Building Convergence will be kicking off, at the Grange Hall, 10 days of special events, at this Concert. There will be Tabling to learn about all the events they are sponsoring, beginning that night.

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 Sebastopol Village Building Convergence (VBC), Sept 12-21, 2014

Sept 12-21 2014  10 days of amazing events, placemaking projects and more. Below is a list of the 10 day schedule. Support this nonprofit community work to help our town thrive and also have a ridiculous amount of fun with us! (*events with “*”  are happening at the Grange)

Friday, Sept 12

10am Natural Building: Bus Stop, Bench, and Oven (Day 1) at Hardcore Coffee
*6pm VBC Kickoff and Baker Family Performance at The Grange

Saturday, Sept 13
11am Opening Ceremony at the Plaza in Downtown Sebastopol
10am Natural Building: Bus Stop, Bench, and Oven (Day 2) at Hardcore Coffee
12pm McKinley Street Mural (Day 1) at McKinley Street between Laguna Parkway and the beginning of The Barlow
1pm Whitebear and the Bear Bones Band at McKinley Street between Laguna Parkway and the beginning of The Barlow                                                                                 6pm “Building a Village” salon conversation and fireside singalong “HeartSing” at Permaculture Skills Center

Sunday, Sept 14
9am McKinley Street Mural (Day 2) at McKinley Street between Laguna Parkway and the beginning of The Barlow
10amNatural Building: Bus Stop, Bench, and Oven (Day 3) at Hardcore Coffee
10am Placemaking with Nature at The Laguna
*4pm Open Village The Grange   

Open Village at The Grange
A dedicated space to host sharing tables, informal talks, demos and creative expression. There will be a tea lounge, snacks, beer and wine for purchase and a table for food and garden abundance. Come chill out, skill up, share resources and catalyze new connections! There will a clothes swap and bike repair station among other wonderful offerings!This is our version of a share fair, a real life model of the sharing world that strengthens the resilience of our community. Through first hand experience and education you’ll discover sharing resources that already exist in our community. There will a clothes swap and bike repair station among other things. This is the first day launch of the “Open Village” which will be happening all week from 4 to7pm

For more information or to share your own skills click here.

*5pm SEBtalks: The Heart and Mind of the Community at The Grange

Monday, Sept 15

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Artisan Fence Building (Day 1) at The Grange
The Sebastopol Grange Hall is where most of the evening gatherings will be happening and it is also home to one of this year’s Placemaking projects. As a major hub of community activity we thought it was time to make something special happen here with the help of the Village Builders and Chuck Johnson.So come beautify the Grange. Join the partnership between the Sebastopol Grange and the VBC to build an Artisan fence with landscaping for screening and beauty to make a more enjoyable place for people to gather. There will be fence building happening here with many artistic elements so come and plug in if you feel like swinging a hammer in support of this project Mon-Wed. There will also be some planting happening here to embellish this space on Friday.

For more information, contact Chuck Johnson at (707) 495-9001 or chuck@artisanbuilders.net
*4pm Open Village The Grange
*6:30pm Starhawk: Social Permaculture at The Grange

7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Starhawk: “Social Permaculture” at The Grange
Well known, legendary local activist shares her wisdom on the biggest challenge and the biggest solution in these times: how we get along. She will also share what it will take to co-create the kind of village we need for our future and the one we all want to thrive in. She will close the evening with a Spiral dance.

Tuesday, Sept 16
*8am Journey Dance with Shannon Brawley at The Grange 

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Journey Dance class with instructor Shannon Brawley at The Grange
JourneyDance is a celebration for you and your life! The dance invites you to come out of your mind and into your body. Through simple guided movements and free form dance we embark on an empowering journey of movement exploration, deep inner connection and releasing of what no longer serve us to create space for new energy to flow in. JourneyDance will have you feeling open, grounded, clear and free as we shake, leap and spin to groovy world beats in a safe, supportive and inspiring community.

$5-$10 sliding scale, free with VBC Weeklong Pass
10am Josie’s Garden at Josie’s Garden in Petaluma
2pm Kale Garden Patch  at Ceres Community Project
3pm Kale Garden Patch (Group 2) at Ceres Community Project
*4pm Open Village at The Grange
4:45pm “Living in Community” at La Tierra Community 
*6:30 Community Resilience World Cafe at The Grange

6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Community Resilience World Cafe at The Grange
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Buckminster Fuller

We live in uncertain times, but hold the power to build a resilient future. Are you ready to catalyze change? Do you have ideas on how we can cultivate a resilient community? Join with fellow village builders and community leaders to discuss and co-create pathways to a more resilient future.

We will begin the evening with remarks from Erik Ohlsen (Permaculture Skills Center) and other local luminaries highlighting existing resilience-building efforts and opportunities in our community and bio-region. Then, through a facilitated World Café, we’ll delve into deep conversations, exploring our collective wisdom to gather ideas, actions, and next steps. 

Space is limited - please RSVP in advance or email marissa@transitionus.org 

$5-$10 donation, no one turned away for lack of funds

Wednesday, Sept 17

*8am Shakti Naam Yoga with Charlene Jessica Parker at The Grange
8am Peacetown Peace Garden at Sebastopol Community Cultural Center
10am Josie’s Garden at Josie’s Garden in Petaluma
3pm Kale Garden Patch at Ceres Community Project
3pm Fairy Village for Families at Ives Park
*4pm Open Village at The Grange
*6:30pm Indigination Experience and Council at The Grange

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Join us as we gather with an inspired and intentional focus on what it means to re-establish deep relationship with place. The evening will include an experiential journey as we open our senses to our embodied union with our eco-system. We will also have a council discussion in which we will explore in dialogue why it is crucial at this this time in human history that we learn how to value indigenous wisdom as well as our own instincts as we once again become bio-regional beings. Facilitated by: Edward Willie, Pomo artist and permaculture educator; Cassandra Ferrera, alternative real estate agent and permaculture educator; Jeremiah Youngtree, healer and activist.

*8:30pm Music with Sara Tone at The Grange
Rockin’ music with Sara Tone–a vibrant import from the Portland VBC! There will be live painting and a musical jam.

Thursday, Sept 18
*8am Biodanza with Zora Coeur De Roy at The Grange
12pm Barlow Spirit Tree at Intersection of McKinley St. and Pink Lady Ct.
*4pm Open Village at The Grange

Barlow Street Fair at The Barlow
Look for fun antics during the street market!
Friday, Sept 19
*8am Shakti Naam Yoga with Charlene Jessica Parker at The Grange
*4pm Open Village at The Grange
*7pm Brock Dolman and Kerry Brady  “Ego-System Re-Storyation”. The Grange

Friday, September 19
7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
“Ego System Re-Storyation” with Brock Dolman and Kerry Brady at The Grange
Brock Dolman and Kerry Brady will offer a thought provoking and interactive evening for Village Builders and Place Makers grappling with the challenges of transitioning to a new narrative for our planet. Instead of “Eco-system Restoration”, which we most certainly need to do, we must face perhaps ta more important work that is needed –reconfiguring our egoic stories of dominantion and control, or “Ego-System Re-Storyation”. During this talk, we will explore what it is to re-story ourselves out of the predominant narrative of people and planet as commodity into the reality of being an inherent part of the 4.5 billion year unfolding Earth community. By placing ourselves into the largest context of Planetary Place-making, we can more easily recognize the depth of the transition we’re in and step into the invitation of becoming attuned, relational and eco-literate members of our collective landscape. 

$15 at the door (full evening with Diane Patterson

8:30pm Music with Diane Patterson and Spirit Radio  Diane is described as “Joni Mitchell meets Ani DiFranco; Patterson is a modern day folk goddess”

Saturday, Sept 20
8am Morning Flow Yoga with Meredith Rom 

9am Kale Garden Patch at Ceres Community Project
9am Community Market Stage Painting at Community Market

10am “Our Front Yard” at City Hall
9am Natural Building: Bus Stop, Bench, and Oven (Day 4) at Hardcore Coffee
*12-4pm“Re-wilding the Commons” workshop with Mark Lakeman at The Grange

12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Workshop with Mark Lakeman “Re-wilding the Commons” at The Grange
A workshop of repairing our common areas and reclaiming neighborhood blocks for the community good.

$50 at the door RSVP required
*4pm Open Village and Dinner at The Grange

*6:30pm Talks with Mark Lakeman and Mayor Jacob; live music with Jeana Love and DJ dance party at The Grange

7:00 PM to 11:30 PM
Talks with Mayor Robert Jacob and Mark Lakeman; Live music with Jeanna Love; dance party with DJ Neptuneat The Grange
Join us for an in depth journey into place-making! We will explore how to align with our natural instincts and reclaim our abilities to design our environment. Through hands on experiences we will delve into permaculture informed strategies to repair our cities, neighborhoods, and rural settlements. No matter where you live, this workshop will open your imagination and ignite your dedication to what is possible as we re-wild and reclaim the world we live in.
$15 to $20 at the door

Sunday, Sept 21
*8am Tri-Yoga with Kai Panym at The Grange
*9:30am Morning Meditation with Karmendra at The Grange
1pm Celebration Parade at The Barlow
*3pm Healing Village  at The Grange

Receive healing touch and support from local healing pracitioners, sound healing, prayers and intentions to bring healing more mainstream into our culture and our communty. A “FIeld of Healing Intention” for everyone to recieve from. Drop in, let go and connect to your own healing needs! Co-sponsored by Era of Care and SoCoHa.   $10 to $20 at the door  Bringing healing to the community–come receive!

*6pm Closing Equinox Ceremony at The Grange

A closure to the 10 days of the VBC. A time for deep connection and acknowledgement of the gifts of life and community, This simple, potent ceremony will offer a time for honoring of all the work we have done, all the work being done in the world for peace, and all the harvested beauty to be deeply grateful for.

We highly recommend buying a pass to reserve your spot for all events. 

Many activities are free or by donation.  Paid events are to cover our expenses(see website for details)

Individual tickets will be at the door, come early as we may sell out.   For more info or to purchase a 10 day pass go here

Donations are super cool. If $ is a challenge, volunteer!


*September 16, 3rd Tuesday, Women’s Nite Out  CANCELLED

Due to VBC usage of the hall,

we are canceling the Sept meeting,

and will re-convine the 3rd Tuesday of October, 6-8pm.


~ Sunday, Sept 28th: Introduction to Beekeeping – Free with RSVP 

9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Sebastopol Grange , 6000 Sebastopol Avenue (SAME AS HWY. 12) , Sebastopol, CA 95472

Please call 707-824-2905 to RSVP

~ Be sure and put September 30th, Last Tuesday of the Month, on your schedule for the Monthly Potluck and Grange Meeting  starting at 6:30 pm

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