Hall Happenings

Time for Grange Potluck  & Meeting

Time for Grange Potluck & Meeting, Last Tuesday of Month

October 28: World Series Game Party @ 5pm


Monthly Potluck & Grange Meeting,                              Last Tuesday of Month

Because we have so many Giant Fans we thought we would try and accommodate our meeting time & game time.  Doors will open @ 4:30, World Series Game 5 will be streamed beginning @ 5pm, in the main hall.

We will have a quieter area set up in the kitchen hall, where we can socialize & talk in a quieter environment.  We will setup our 6:30pm Potluck in the back of the main hall, as we do traditionally.  The game folks will take a break @ the start of our meal, so we will spend some time in community. Meeting to follow.

Site Planning Suggestions/Ideas requested:

Also, at our Grange Meeting, we will have a place for members to take a look at different areas of our “Site Planning”, and make suggestions.  We will have note pads to make a suggestion on, make a sticky note, and slap it on the Topic Heading.

The planning group will take the suggestions into consideration.  Please remember that suggestions should be made, keeping in mind either the willingness to help to do it or to contribute funds to make it happen.

Topic Areas:

Grounds: Landscaping (gardens, permaculture, water management), Traffic Flow, Parking, Handicap, Security, Storage – Outside

Grange Hall: Entrance, Foyer, Restrooms, Main Hall

Stage: “Green Room”, Access, Office

Kitchen Areas: Uses, Usability, Ventilation, Flow, Storage, Freezer, Updating

MISC:  Office, Storage – Inside, Signage @ Hall Entrance


We have been “gifted” by our predecessors with the Sebastopol Grange #306   infrastructure & property. How can we best honor the vision?

We have the use of the property for our needs, and the use of the property to assist in FUNDING those projects we deem important and valuable to the community.

We have the ability to assist other’s in compatible “good work”.

Enhancements to the Grange improve our ability to function: 1) enhancements that allow us Grangers to do things, and         2) enhancements that make it attractive for others to utilize by

Improving the physical appearance, structural integrity,  landscaping, & usability/functionality of the property:

  • increases the monetary value of rentals,
  • the ability to showcase/demonstrate ecological approaches,
  • the opportunity to educate the community via modeling & mentoring, and
  • the ability to provide a backup resource for the community to rely on, as needed.

October 31: Halloween SAFE Trick or Treating!


November 1 Regional Pomona Meeting, Sonoma Valley Grange, Saturday, 10-12pm, lunch to follow ($7.50 donation requested), all Grange members encouraged to attend

November 4, Tuesday Farmer’s Guild

November 5, Wednesday  Vital Alchemy

November 11, Tuesday Grange Business Meeting

November 15, SATURDAY  Grange Hall Craft Fair

November 18, Tuesday Women’s Nite Out

November 22nd, Sat., Site Planning Meeting 10-2pm

November 25th  Monthly Potluck/Grange Meeting

November 27 Thanksgiving